About us


To grow into the most dependable and affordable business in Ghana and worldwide that provides freight forwarding, transportation, and logistics services in a highly skilled, quick, and quality-conscious manner.


To provide comprehensive freight forwarding, together with logistics and transportation solutions, to our respected clients in order to provide value. Our conviction that our success is entirely dependent on the success of our clients is supported by an amazing teamwork approach, and we always endeavor to leave clients with a good customer experience that they will never forget.


Supply of Stationaries and Consumables.


Transportation of Cup Lumps from various Farmlands in the Western Region and other parts of Ghana.


Clearing of Cargoes and Other Valuables.


Clearing of Cargoes and Supply of Consumables.

About Us

We are a privately held business that offers excellent clearing and freight services. Our offices are in Takoradi and Tema, respectively, and we have a sizable operating capacity thanks to a group of very skilled employees.

We follow strict value guidelines and implement best practices in our everyday operations. Some of the value-added services we provide include free advice to clients on various customs processes and procedures.

With our sibling and liaison firms, West Truck & Portal Logistics, we also provide transportation and logistics services, making us your go-to source for logistics solutions.

At Rapature Ghana Ltd, relationship selling is a strategy we employ with the primary goal of establishing profitable long-term commercial connections with clients. In all of our operations, we use contemporary technology and IT solutions.

Transport & Logistics

Our primary area of expertise is in the provision of transportation and logistical services. Distribution, warehousing, and transportation make up our primary functional areas. We have a sizable fleet of trucks and other equipment that is managed by highly qualified individuals and is prepared to pick up and deliver cargo of almost any size and structure.

Our "safety-first" strategy, which ensures the secure handling and delivery of our clients' products, has earned Rapature Ghana Ltd a solid reputation. Our professional drivers have extensive knowledge of local and neighboring countries' routes, while our vehicle brands have been specifically chosen to handle the current road infrastructure. We also made investments in cutting-edge technology, such a car trucking system, to improve the efficiency and management of our shipments.

Precisely, Rapature Ghana Limited offers:

  • Transportation.
  • Moving Services.
  • Processing of Abnormal Cargo Permits.
  • Cargo Tracking and Escorting.

Our Clients

We Guarantee Safe Handling and Delivery of Our Clients' Shipments

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